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Meet Janice

Janice knows, when it comes time to buy or sell a home, many will try to decide WHICH real estate agent to hire…while others will try to decide should they use a real estate agent at all. It is Janice’s firm belief that representation during the home buying or home selling process is critical in getting you to a successful outcome - particularly in today’s real estate market. But she also recognizes that trust is a key component to the entire process. To that end, Janice has spent over 23 years building her career on a “tradition of trust”. Janice understands that trust is earned. And, to start the process, she takes the time to share where she has come from and how she has become the Realtor® she is today: Janice is not a native of Georgia although she and her husband moved to Metro Atlanta over 30 years ago. She was born in Michigan but moved shortly thereafter. From that point forward, Janice’s family made several moves during her childhood. In addition to Michigan and Georgia, Janice has called Massachusetts, Iowa and Kansas home. And, as resident of Metro Atlanta since 1982, like many of you, Janice’s heart is here in the South. Like so many of the clients Janice works with, it was her husband’s job transfer that brought them to Atlanta. Even in Atlanta, Janice and her family have called several areas in Metro Atlanta home: Clarkston, Dunwoody, Lawrenceville and Suwanee. Both of their children were born in Atlanta. And, once their daughter and son were born, Janice and her husband made a conscious decision to remain in Suwanee while raising them – living in the same house for 25 years. Raising children while trying to establish herself in the real estate industry was challenging and required the support of a loving family and a lot of juggling. As a result, Janice does understand the sacrifice parents have to make every day. In 2012, with their children grown, and with a desire to move a bit further north, Janice and her husband set their sights on Braselton, Georgia. And, with that decision made, Janice and her husband became home sellers for the first time in 25 years. A “for sale” sign went in their yard and the home selling process began. Janice admits to experiencing all the emotions that come with selling a home. It was particularly hard for her because she was leaving the home where her children were raised - along with all the memories. Surprisingly, despite the precarious real estate market, Janice and her husband were able to sell their home in as little as two weeks. Although they did sell their home quickly, they also experienced the loss of value like so many home owners. Janice is now able to truly comprehend and appreciate the frustration and anger felt by so many. With their Suwanee home sold, Janice and her husband embarked on building a new home in Braselton, Georgia. While their new home was being built, Janice and her husband became renters. This was quite an experience after being home owners for so many years. They did survive the ordeal and have settled into their home where they plan to remain for the long term. Janice admits their life has been busy and sometimes she has to stop and take pause and wonder, “Where did all the time go?” Their life has had its ups and downs; trials and tribulations; peaks and valleys just like everyone else. However, it is the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys, that Janice believes, helps her to connect with the people she meets as a REALTOR®. Janice finds in working with every client, it is her nature to blend her own personal journey to her professional work as a REALTOR®. She takes to heart the importance of finding the perfect home for you and your family - while being able to connect with your emotions and realizing the stress that is common during the home selling process. And when your journey as client and REALTOR® has ended, it is Janice’s hope a new relationship has been created that will last a life time.


  • Licensed since 1995
  • ABR (Accredited Buyers Rep)
  • Loss Mitigation Certified
  • Reo Certified
  • SFR (Short Sale/Foreclosure Resource)

Career Accomplishments

  • Executive Associate & President's Circle
  • Diamond Society
  • Recipient of the National Realty Alliance Sales Award
  • Double Phoenix Award  (20 years Million Dollar Club)
  • Honors Society
  • Leading Edge Award
  • President's Circle
    First and foremost, I start with several ounces of honesty, sprinkle in a generous amount of personal integrity then blend in my personal experience of living in Metro Atlanta since 1982. Then to give just the right amount of success to your real estate experience, I mix in a generous serving of strict business ethics. And finally….by blending thoroughly….it creates the perfect recipe to assure YOU that you are associated with a REALTOR® who is looking out for your best interests.
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