Whether you are new to Atlanta and surrounding area; or just reasearching schools for your own information, the links provided will help simplify your research and give you the ability to compare schools all in one place. As parents nothing is more important than the education of our children. Although we learn much about a school system based on statistics and school scores, remember taking time to have a personal tour of the schools which end up on your short list is one of the most important steps you can make before making your final decision. We have found one of the best sites for school rankings is: offers school test scores, rankings, class sizes and much more. Additional national, state of Georgia and county school websites are provided below for your convenience.

State of Georgia School Information

Hall County School Information

Gwinnett County School Information

In Jackson County there are three different school systems: Jackson County Schoos, Jefferson Schools and Commerce Schools. If your home is located in the city limits of Jefferson or Commerce those will be the schools your child will attend. If you home is located in any other area of the county, your child will attend Jackson County Schools.

Jackson County Area Schools

  • Offers school test scores, rankings, class sizes and much more.
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