Moving Checklist

Take the Stress out of Moving

Whether it is a local move or a long distance move, the transition can be stressful for everyone in the family. Creating a plan and being organized can help minimize your stress level. Here are some pointers on how to prepare for moving day.

Medical Records

Create a list of all your medical caregivers for each member of the family along with phone numbers and point of contact. Make sure you allow plenty of time to secure copies of your medical and dental records as many medical offices require a lead time to put your package together. Keep in mind, some medical offices may prefer to send your records directly to your chosen caregiver at your new location so be sure to work this out ahead of time with them. If you have active prescriptions, make sure you have been provided enough refills to allow you to get settled in your new location.

School Records

Obtain your children’s school records so you have them in hand when you register them at their new school. Keep in mind, many states will not allow you to register your children in a school without proof of address showing you are a resident of that particular school district As such, be sure to have a copy of a rental lease and/or your Purchase & Sale Contract for your new home. In many instances this will suffice as proof of residency.


Make a complete list of all your utility companies. Contact each of them at least one week to 10 days ahead of your moving date to disconnect your service. They will need a forwarding address to send your final bill so have that information handy when you make your calls. Always be sure to keep a note of who you talked to and the date in the event there is a problem.

Bank Accounts

If you are moving to a location where your current bank has no offices, you will want to close out your current accounts before you leave. Ideally you will want to open a new checking (and/or savings) account at your new location so you can transfer the money more easily. Although it may cost you a fee, consider having your funds wired from your current banking institution to your new banking institution. In this manner, you will have immediate access to the funds once you arrive at your new destination.

Keys and Remotes

Be sure to leave all keys and garage remotes in the home for the new homeowner. Consider establishing a place in your house where these can be left but easily located for the new homeowner. Often these items can be brought to closing to be delivered to the new homeowner.

Warranties & Owners Manuals

Any warranty booklets or owner manuals you have for items being left with the property, put them together in one place for easy access for the new homeowner.


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