Braselton Lingo

Braselton Lingo

When you move to the south, there is a whole new way of doing things; and, a whole new way of saying it. Let's see if I can help you learn to talk like the locals.

Alpharetta Autobahn - Georgia 400 is a state highway which connects Buckhead to the outer cities like: Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Dawsonville. It ends just south of Dahlonega. Because of the long stretch of highway, GA 400 has earned the title of "Alpharetta Autobahn".

The Big Chicken - Located in Cobb Count - Around since the 1960's, this 56ft steel Kentucky Fried Chicken structure has become a renowned Atlanta trademark.

Buckhead - In 1838, Henry Irby purchased approximately 202 acres in what is now considered Buckhead. As the story goes, Buckhead earned its name when Henry Irby shot a large buck deer and placed its head in a prominent location. Today, Buckhead comprises approximately the northern fifth of the city. Home to the Governor's mansion, it is considered a very affluent uptown district in Atlanta.

Midtown - Midtown is the second largest financial district in Atlanta. Midtown is home to many of the city's high rise office buildings like Atlantic Center and the Bank of America Plaza. Midtown also has several well-known condominium towers such as Luxe, Mayfair Renaissance/Tower and several others.

The Perimeter - Also known as I-285. It is a 64 mile loop which circles the Metro Atlanta area. It is also known as the "Atlanta Bypass" (on I-75 and I-85); and, considered one of the heaviest travelled highways in the United States.

ITP - Also known as "Inside the Perimeter" is simply - The area of Metro Atlanta which is inside I-285.

OTP - Also knowns as "Outside the Perimeter" is simply - The area of Metro Atlanta which is outside I-285 and would be considered the "suburbs".

Spaghetti Junction - An intersection at I-85 & I-285 and known as Tom Moreland Interchange. Spaghetti Junction is a five-level stack interchange, not a traditional four-level stack. Currently the interchange handles approximately 300,000 vehicles each day, and has 14 bridges, (the highest rising 90 feet).

Stone Mountain - Located at Stone Mountain Park, the stone is quartz monzonite and at its highest peak has an amazing elevation of 1686 ft high. On its northern face is a carving depicting three Confederate figures: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis.

Underground Atlanta - A shopping and entertainment center in the Five Points neighborhood of downtown Atlanta. Using the viaducts built over the city's railroad tracks, each level has two main hallways called Upper and Lower Alabama and Pryor Streets.

Five Points - Ranking #16 of American's Best Hipster Neighborhoods by Forbes, the name refers to where five streets intersect. Marietta Street, Edgewood Avenue, Decatur Street and, two sections of Peachtree Street. Offering a menu of dining and shopping as well as plenty of festivals and live music, the area draws crowds from the locals as well as tourists. Underground Atlanta is also located at the entrance of Five Points.

The Tabby - Better known as "The Tabernacle" is a mid-sized concert hall in Atlanta. It has been the venue of many notable performances including: Bob Dylan, Guns & Roses, Bob Saget, Cheech & Chong and many others. The Tabernacle has a seating capacity for 2600.

The Fox - Located in downtown Atlanta, The Fox is a former movie theatre. With a seating capacity of over nearly 4700, the Fox Theatre hosts many Broadway shows, the Atlanta Ballet as well as a variety of cultural and artistic events.

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